Our Story

The CAH's first meeting took place on June 15, 1977. All representatives of organizations such as l'Age d'or, Club Richelieu, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. were present at this meeting. We we aiming for an always open and welcoming place that would allow us to support the arts and culture.


There was a need to coordinate activities and to promote the arts in all its forms. In a short time, ten people sat on the board of directors and saw to the proper functioning of the non-profit organization, in compliance with its goals and objectives.


Since its inauguration, the CAH has survived thanks to the grants and donations it receives from the community. Today, the budget is close to $ 450,000, of which only 30% comes from government grants.


In addition to offering a varied programming of shows, the CAH has also played a role of initiator for many activities, such as the Festival 2X4, the theater troupe En pièce détachées, Perspective 8, la Boîte à lettre and CINN-FM. The CAH has continued to grow over the years to become one of the most visible and credible organizations in french Ontario. It should be noted, however, that none of this could have been accomplished without the effort and dedication of many volunteers who have always devoted themselves wholeheartedly to making the CAH one of the most important organizations in the region.