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Ferline Regis

MAR 9, 2024


General admission








8 p.m.


7 p.m.


Both a songwriter and a singing teacher. Ferline holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music, she also has 2 albums on her own, she has performed on many stages and has been applauded at several big events. Very proud of her accomplishments, Ferline now wants to find her roots and share with her audience her deep feelings in a singing style that embraces its culture by tinting it with a Franco-Ontarian musical ear with the colors of Africa and the Caribbean.

Ferline's powerful, soulful-type vocal presence always promised to lend an exciting dimension to her performance.

Ferline grew up in Haiti, hearing and loving Afro-Caribbean music, gospel music and pop music. In Canada, she was also exposed to R&B, Soul, and jazz. She has a degree in music from the University of Ottawa, and her extensive performance experience includes singing at the National Arts centre (NAC), the Parliament of Canada, CBC Canada, Ottawa Bluesfest and at the festivities for Canada Day and la Fête nationale du Québec.

Ferline released her debut solo album in July 2015, and a second full length album in the fall of 2019.  Alayne McGregor of said of Ferline that she "has real star power, and her heartfelt husky vocals command attention."

2019 is one of her best year in term of accomplishments. Ferline made a big splash on the hit TV program La Voix (the Canadian French language versioin of The Voice), earlier this year.

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